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herb wedding decorations

Le 23 June 2015, 10:03 dans Humeurs 0

Today we are going behind the doors of one such venue in the South of France, Bastide St Mathieu and to find out more about husband and wife owners Soraya and Bill. read more info


Bill is a former venture capitalist and publisher.  In 2007 he was exploring the Pamir Mountains in Afghanistan for his book Halfway House To Heaven: Unravelling the Mystery of the Majestic River Oxus . On the way back he and Soraya agreed to meet in South of France. They stayed at Bastide st Mathieu and liked it so much they decided to buy and develop it. Five years later it is one of he premier wedding locations in the South….a genuine 18th Century Provencal Bastide for country house wedding weekends.

Although the Cote d’Azur is often thought of as a summer retreat, with a full working old stone bread oven and 7 large open Provencal stone fireplaces it is also worth visiting in the winter.

Whether you are planning your wedding or simply love France, have you ever dreamed about owning and running one of the beautiful wedding venues in South of France? As well as the history and tales that are wrapped up in these beautiful venues, I have often found that the owners and managers of these magnificent wedding venues often have a story to tell as well.

The winter charms of Bastide St Mathieu were not lost on Hermes Paris, when they hired the venue to during the depths of winter, for their press event to launch their new perfume lines amongst the roaring fires.  Hermes Paris is not the only notable client to utilise St Mathieu’s charms with singer-songwriter SADE using it as the cradle from which to prepare and launch her 2011 world-wide Ultimate collection tour.

If you are reading this and day-dreaming about becoming a wedding venue owner, adding fuel to the expat dreams Bill says: “Ownership of a place like this with a season concentrated into a few months enables one to have many other activities.Luxurious Trumpet Court Train Lace Wedding Dress





Luxurious Trumpet Sweetheart Court Train Lace Wedding Dress

national wedding show

Le 22 June 2015, 17:34 dans Humeurs 0

It is Friday, nearly the weekend and Spring is here!  To get you through the last day of the week we are catching up with real life bride Sophie as she continues planning her wedding in France – where the wedding planning fun really is beginning.more unique photos

There’s was no question to who I was going to ask to be my bridesmaids… There are so many ways to ask your friends to be bridesmaids, however I could not contain my excitement whilst on our honeymoon when we got engaged and asked my beautiful friends via Facebook! It’s amazing how much technology has changed it wasn’t long ago when Stuart and I received a Save the Date invite via Facebook so it certainly has great users! We then met up afterwards at my home and celebrated with champagne.

The first thing on our minds was the guest list, as like all soon to be wed couples all you want to do is invite everyone, from the next door neighbour to you friends, friends Uncle!  We made a conscious decision to have an intimate wedding and invite no more than 45 people in total, which would include the bride and groom.  Now you may be reading this and thinking that seems like a reasonable number but once you’ve added up your close family and friends the number soon disappeared. We are just waiting for RSVP’s now to see if this gorgeous bunch would like to join us on our big day!

I asked my only sister Chloe to be Maid of Honour and two of my oldest and closest friends who I’ve known since I was 4! So I now have a beautiful bunch of 2 ladies. They all know each other which often help’s when organising the hen do apparently!Stylish A-Line Strapless Tea-Length Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace Sash

A Vintage DIY Wedding

Le 19 May 2015, 09:05 dans Humeurs 0

I never dreamt of getting married like the typical little girl. I hadn’t planned what dress I would wear, or the color scheme, or what flowers I would have. But, as soon as we got engaged, one thing sparked in my memory: Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We just had to get married there! It was rustic, organic, and homey. Josiah and I are really laid back people. We both agreed that we didn’t want a fussy wedding in an uninspired local banquet hall. After booking the chapel, everything else fell into place. I let my bridesmaids pick there out dresses with the only guideline being that I wanted the dresses to be “coffee colored”.maternity pregnant wedding dresses

I LOVE this venue and I love all the tiny little thoughtful details that these two have put into their big day, they literally thought of everything and it turned out so beautifully. All of the decorations including the napkin rings, boutineers, origami birds, cake topper and Mr. & Mrs. Banner were made by the bride and her mother.

Try to relax and enjoy the day. It all goes by so fast. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Even if you encounter a lot of hiccups and troubles on the day of the wedding, know that it will be just fine and at the end of the day you will be married to the person you love and that’s all that really matters.

Today’s bride and groom, Karis and Josiah, were married in the incredible Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas followed by a beautiful DIY-tastic reception at Castle Rogue’s Manor. The two were married in September of last year and chose a vintage and romantic theme for their day with accents in neutral colours, creams, and browns.


With loads of help and creativity from my artist mother, we created a DIY wedding that felt like home. My goal was a simple, romantic wedding with touches or vintage and DIY elements. For the reception, I wanted less of a dance party and more of a big family get together. And coffee. There had to be coffee! I think my the most memorable part was our send off. We used biodegradable floating lanterns. It was so special and such a beautiful sight to watch them float out above the lake at our reception venue.bridal belts wholesale and retail

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